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Fashion Tags

  • If your cat flounces around with an air of superiority or your dog waltzes into the room and commands the attention of the whole family, then it sounds like you have the coolest menagerie of pets in your family.
  • If you're in the market for a fun, stylish pet tag for your furry friends, then you needn't look any further because this is the range for you.
  • Please note: only the coolest, trendiest pets need apply.
  • All of our fashion tags for pets are cute and quirky, designed with your pet's personality in mind. All images are coated in epoxy to ensure they stay as fresh as the day you got it! In addition to this, we guarantee to replace your tag if the engraving fades, or if it breaks within 5 years.
  • Our fashion tags come complete with a strong split ring for attaching to your pet's collar easily.

Select a Tag Only  £11.50, includes free engraving and UK postage

Select a tag - Only  £11.50, includes free engraving and UK postage

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